Solutions Through Healthcare Analytics

If you’re a practice, are your resources optimally allocated to collect the most money from patients and payors? Are you struggling with the reporting requirements of outcomes-based programs? If you are a health system, do you understand profitability by specialties? Can you identify patterns of cost and profitability by admission method and specialty?
PrecisionBI, built exclusively for healthcare providers, offers business intelligence technology that lets you view all of your critical data in visual dashboards. You can then drill down to discrete data elements, as well as quickly design and run your own robust ad hoc reports.
PrecisionBI is the trusted healthcare analytics partner for more than 50,000 providers across the country. We deliver powerful insight into both clinical and financial performance so you can optimize revenue, increase productivity and improve patient care.
Also, because PrecisionBI is web-based and easy to use, even the most remote or non-technical users can access and use the powerful reporting environment. This tool funnels what would be an overwhelming amount of financial and clinical data into a streamlined package that is easy for all types of users to navigate and understand.

Clinical Analytics

PrecisionBI provides the ability to monitor, analyze and report electronically on over 65 NQF, Meaningful Use, HEDIS and Patient Centered Medical Home measures. Our extensive reporting capabilities are not limited solely to CMS reporting, but also allow you to analyze any type of organizational, departmental data.

Financial Analytics

Outcomes-based reimbursement is requiring practices everywhere to have better business intelligence (BI) than ever before. However, most internal systems can’t report on the data required for these types of reimbursement models. Most generic business intelligence solutions from large software companies are not that smart when it comes to the nuances of healthcare.
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