About Us

Successfully operating in today’s complex healthcare environment relies on accessing financial, quality and clinical data critical to increasing productivity and quality of care.
PrecisionBI is a healthcare analytics company designed for the nontechnical business user. Our extensive ad hoc searching and analysis capabilities empower you to take a “deep dive” into your data to determine the root causes of issues and build strategies to monitor trends and activities across your healthcare practice using the built-in dashboard design and publishing tools.
With 20+ years in healthcare and one of the most widely deployed healthcare analytics solutions in the industry, PrecisionBI helps you:
  • build informed business strategies
  • improve financial and clinical performance
  • comply with payor and regulatory requirements
  • report against critical quality measures
With PrecisionBI, business leaders are able to quickly see and drill into their performance data to make adjustments or take corrective action within everyday operations. Backed by PrecisionBI’s team of data modelers, designers and project managers, you will never be left alone to navigate your data challenges.
We know the challenges you face with monitoring outcomes performance across your continuum of care. We can help you bring together all of your outcomes-related data, from multiple EHR sources, to form a full, accurate, aggregate picture of your outcomes performance.

Our History

PrecisionBI (PBI) was established by data architects and software designers who were devoted to making it easier for healthcare organizations to access data. PBI’s roots can be traced back to 1993 and a product called Smartlink. Smartlink, developed by one of PBI’s original founders, won the IBM/Lotus Business Partners Beacon Award in 1997 for the best developed application. PBI was later acquired by Origin Healthcare Solutions in 2007 and renamed Origin Analytics. In 2014, Origin Healthcare Solutions was acquired by Meridian Medical Management and the PrecisionBI name was reinstated. PrecisionBI is currently a subsidiary of Meridian Medical Management.
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