Smarter. Faster. Precise.

The leading healthcare analytics and business intelligence platform that gives you a 360° view of your enterprise performance.
Delivering data-driven insights for thousands of providers
Our health informatics experience has made us one of the most widely deployed healthcare business analytics solutions in the industry.

Make better decisions with better data

We provide business intelligence tools and technology solutions that enable you to monitor key business and clinical metrics, identify areas for improvement and increase revenue.

Make sure you get every dollar you’ve earned

Better data to comply with outcomes based reimbursement programs means you get every dollar you are owed. Plus, the more insight you have into your practice, the more you can adjust workflows for greater efficiency and profitability.

Make “a-ha” moments a daily occurrence

Quickly and easily run ad hoc, tailored reports based on clinical analytics and metrics specific to your practice, physicians or health system requirements. You’ll be surprised at the meaningful process improvements you can make with real insights.

Revenue Acceleration Program (RAP)

Providing clients an unprecedented value proposition.

Four Pillars of Business Intelligence

  • Self-service BI  Data for the masses
  • Enterprise BI  Data is everywhere
  • Collaborative BI  Data socialization
  • Automated BI  Data working for you
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