MIPS Readiness

By Susan D’Agostino, RN

Using proper tools of analysis, an organization can drive clinical excellence by managing initiatives, providing patient population management and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). PrecisionBI can empower a healthcare facility to extract data from the EHR and turn it into information that can help transform healthcare.

What can a clinic do in preparation for 2017 MIPS measures?  Keep reading.

Assuming that you are already participating in MU, PQRS and so on, the first step is to create a strategic analysis on what measures you do well and what measures need more work. Review two weeks to a month of data to see where you may be lacking – evaluate current workflows, observing staff step by step.  Adapt workflows as needed to improve processes.  

By participating in previous initiatives, your transition and subsequent likelihood at incentives should be successful.  Keep in mind that, while there is real opportunity to score higher where you perform well, there is room to do more.

Perhaps there is a measure or two that you want to incorporate that require planning.  Now is the time to gather the information of who, what, where and how. Devise a plan and determine tactically, how this accomplished?  Depending on the changes being implemented, Steering Committees or Physician Champions may need to be involved for effective change management to occur. 

Also, consider items that you are reporting on now that are not required for MIPS.  For example, CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) and any associated measures that would not be required under the Primary Proposal.   Once everything has been taken into consideration, you can then implement the workflows into daily routines.

If you haven’t already, go to https://qpp.cms.gov/measures/quality  to select the measures that you will report on.  You will also want to make decisions on Advancing Care Information https://qpp.cms.gov/measures/aci . Make sure you know if you are 2014 CEHRT or 2015 CEHRT, as that will affect the Objectives and Measure you will select for Advancing Care Information. For Improvement Activities go to https://qpp.cms.gov/measures/ia

The PBI Analytics solution, built exclusively for healthcare providers, can assist a practice in accessing the critical reporting requirements needed. 

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