Automation Brings Efficiency and Outcomes to Care Delivery

By L. Albert Villarin, MD, FACEP Next time you are traveling, pay attention to the world of automation we live in. I checked in for my flight from the comfort of my smartphone. The Uber app sent a ride, directing the driver exactly where to drop me off. As I entered the airport, an automated […]

Maximizing MIPS: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program recently passed an important milestone: October 2 was the date by which providers must have begun collecting – but not reporting – quality measures to be eligible for a MIPS bonus in 2019. While the calendar has already moved past that date, it is likely that many providers […]

Self-Service: One Pillar of Business Intelligence

Dan Reber, VP of Product Strategy and Development, PrecisionBI Earlier, we talked about the four pillars that serve as cornerstones for successful business intelligence (BI) initiatives: Self-Service, Collaborative, Enterprise and Automated. To fully appreciate how they work together, it is important to understand how each one functions and its role. We will start with Self-Service […]

Middlesex Hospital Utilizing Enterprise Analytics to Drive Efficiency

Jonathan Sharr, Senior Decision Support Analyst, Middlesex Hospital A community hospital based in Middletown, Conn., Middlesex Hospital strives to provide the safest, highest-quality healthcare, and the best experience possible for our community. Our position as the state’s first Mayo Clinic Care Network member demonstrates our commitment to improving care through innovation and collaboration. To do […]

Driving Clinical Outcomes with Robotic Process Automation

L. Albert Villarin, MD, FACEP Information is critical to delivering care and dozens of decisions per day are based on the what data is available at that time. Several industries, including travel and automotive, have been years ahead of healthcare in incorporating technology to gain insight and guide decisions. When you check into a hotel, […]

Robotic Process Automation Enhancing Revenue Cycle Management

Revenues collected are the lifeblood of any healthcare organization and the efficiency of how they are processed dictate its ability to grow. With each claim, there is room for human error and data-driven, manual processes that are ripe for change. Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming revenue cycle management, bringing it to the next, more […]

Holston Medical Group: Analytics For Improving Medical Practice Performance

Samantha Sizemore, Director of Operations, Holston Medical Group As a 150 provider, independent multi-specialty practice, Tennessee’s Holston Medical Group (HMG) strives to improve performance measures across its 26 locations. We all need to make the most of our resources and HMG looked to analytics as a means to do just that. Being part of a […]

The Four Pillars of Healthcare Business Intelligence

Dan Reber, VP of Product Strategy and Development, PrecisionBI Healthcare organizations are plagued with multiple systems that are home to troves of information. Some of these solutions speak to each other; however, most do not, leaving data siloed and unable to be used in an impactful way. Healthcare business intelligence (BI) can assist by enabling […]

Managing Chronic Care Management

By Susan D’Agostino, RN Before we can discuss managing Chronic Care Management (CCM), let’s talk about what CCM is. CCM was initiated in 2015 by CMS for Medicare beneficiaries.  Organizations were able to bill for chronic care management patients starting on January 1, 2015. Those organizations providing non-face-to-face time for Medicare patients who have 2 […]

Another Click?

By Susan D’Agostino, RN                                                                                                                One of the most frequent complaints I have heard from physicians when using an EHR is, too many clicks.  Why do I have to click so many things? Why does it take so many clicks to get something done? From Working with Today’s EMRs is Mentally Exhausting to AmericanEHR Blog […]