Another Click?

By Susan D’Agostino, RN                                                                                                               

One of the most frequent complaints I have heard from physicians when using an EHR is, too many clicks.  Why do I have to click so many things? Why does it take so many clicks to get something done?

From Working with Today’s EMRs is Mentally Exhausting to AmericanEHR Blog Has EHR Increased Your After-Hours Workload?, doctors have plenty to say. And, they have a valid point.

When a physician is mandated to click this or check that on top of all of the complexities involved in providing optimal patient care, it is an understandable complaint. More often than not, if they are part of a large organization, it may not be shared with them the good that some of that clicking can do.

As a nurse, I do understand their frustration. I know what it is like to just want to take care of my patients and not have to spend an additional 20 minutes with data entry. However, some of those especially cumbersome clicks do have potential for bettering patient care.

By associating the problem diagnosis to the medication that is prescribed, it can be easily determined how many Diabetics are on Metformin. Even the sometimes aggravating act of ePrescribing itself, will allow data to be accumulated in the event of a drug recall.

Hearing the term “Value Based Care” can make physicians cringe, but, most clinicians are already providing the best care for their patients. Although “Value Based” doesn’t necessarily equal “Quality Based,” an additional click here and there will collect the data that will satisfy the healthcare reforms now being required, as well as those to come (MACRA-Delivery System Reform, Medicare Payment Reform).

Population health and managing the sickest populations can be a daunting task. How do you figure out the percentage of your elderly patients that are not refilling the new medication you prescribed? How many of your poorly controlled diabetics have not had their HgbA1c checked in the past year? How do you get them in for this care? 

By extracting the data from the EHR and making it easily available for clinicians to view, PrecisionBI’s healthcare analytics capabilities help clinicians improve processes and workflow. And, of course, when it comes down to the dollars and cents, PBI also helps the administrative folks (CFO’s, COO’s) with the financial and operational side of healthcare BI. Our solution enables the user to take a ‘deep dive’ into the data to improve both clinical and financial performance, as well as reporting on quality measures.

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